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5 Tips: Selling Your Home When You Have Kids

With 35+ years of selling homes under my belt, I pretty much have seen it all. That also means that when it comes to selling homes, my team of agents and I have some pretty good ideas based on our experience.

Selling a home with kids isn’t problematic, but it does take some planning. You know your own kids, and how much to involve them in the process. Normally with kids the least disruption, the better.

If you maintain their regular schedule and limit special requests to keeping their own rooms clean including the playroom, things should go fairly smoothly, I’d consider that great involvement!

But, I do have a couple of ideas for parents, that will help you better manage the sale of your house, and help your real estate agent do their job.


Give yourself a full days 10 days to seriously de-clutter your home. Tackle one room at a time to keep things manageable. Closets too! Buyers want to see the inside of the closets and all of the storage space that a home has to offer.

And then, after you’ve de-cluttered, place another 25% in storage – seriously. Anything seasonal (coats, boots) big toys and tables and all of the baby stuff (swings, potties etc.) that you may want to keep but don’t need to have on hand.

This is the time to remove the personal photographs (including fridge artwork) or as we like to say in the biz ‘de-personalize the home’. Buyers want to see themselves in the home, not the previous owners. It’s also for your child’s safety and privacy.


If you do have a dedicated playroom, then stage it to show off it’s capabilities. 5 Tips to Selling Your Home With Kids | Karen Paul Real Estate

Staging a small tea party looks sweet and kind of fun; art room that has tidy individual buckets of supplies or a school room, will make buyers smile. Playrooms can continue to be used, but can be easily prepped for showings or open houses.


While the bulk of buyers will come to the home during open houses, there will be additional showings. Not all buyers need to see a home at dinner or bed time. So offering your real estate agent some creative options while being flexible will go a long way.

It’s not wise to be too restrictive withe strict timeframes. It could reduce the number of potential buyers.


Nothing is worse for the buyer or the agent than showing a home when the homeowners are still there. It can potentially turn off a buyer. There have also been instances where the homeowner can’t resist adding additional information about the home. They think it’s helpful but it’s not.

If you do have to accommodate showings around bedtime, it’s more than ok to sit down the street in your car while the showing takes place. Pack a snack and a kit bag with activities to help pass the time. If you can get their PJ’s on before, it’s an added bonus when you return later.


Even if you have been given notice, prepare a checklist of things to do when you get the ‘showing call’. That way you won’t forget the essentials and all the other stuff beyond picking things up such as putting the toilet seats down, emptying the garbage

And finally, I picked this one up from the Twin City’s Mom’s Blog.

Keep your trunk clear. Despite your request for 2 hours notice, sometimes you get ten minutes. That’s when you throw any clutter in the back of your car and GO! 🙂
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