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3 ways to help your kids transition through a move


September is just around the corner! That means ‘busy”ness and sending the kids back to school.

If you are in the process of moving, of have moved earlier this summer, your kids may be going to a new school. This means a whole new set of friends, surroundings and challenges.

No matter what age, it is tough to change schools, to lose friends and to start over.

Through my 36+ years in real estate I have helped thousands of families who are in the same situation as you.

Here are three great ways to help your kids transition through a move

    1. Stay Positive
      Even if this move is not something you’ve wanted or planned for, it is imperative to be honest, yet stay upbeat about your new location. Kids can sense their parents’ energy. Moving is a stressful time and working together helps ease the pressure.

      Highlight the exciting new experiences your child will have at a new school and ensure them that they can stay in touch with old friends.

      Try to find as many silver linings in the situation. Exploring your new neighbourhood, and visiting a new school before the move can help ease the fear of the unknown.


    1. Give them Some Control
      Allow your children to be involved and let them makes some decisions along the way. It can be as simple as letting them pick out the paint colour for their room or picking out a special new outfit for school. Anything that will allow them to make some choices and feel like they are taking part in the decision making.


  1. Get Involved
    Enrolling your child in local activities is a great way to introduce them to the new neighbourhood. Feeling awkward and new can quickly subside when you feel like an insider. Start visiting the neighbourhood before you move. Knock on the neighbours doors and introduce yourself and your kids. If they have children too, even better!

    There are some great Facebook neighbourhood groups these days – it is important parents get involved too! That will encourage kids to reach out.

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