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Making a Backyard Skating Rink – Top 5 Tips

There is nothing more Canadian in the winter than having a backyard skating rink. I knew so many people growing up that had backyard rinks who still to this day carry on this tradition for their own children to enjoy. Pond hockey and skating outdoors is such a refreshing and enjoyable thing t... Read More

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Holiday Decorating Ideas

Now that the snow is falling in December, it is REALLY Starting to feel like Christmas! Most people have already trimmed the tree and hung the lights outside, but if you are looking for more holiday decorating ideas to make your (even) more Christmas-ey, you've come to the right place! Here are 8... Read More

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Winter: A Popular Time of year for Home Renovations

As the winter months are upon us, the days are getting shorter and colder. Unfortunately, where we live, winter means hibernation, keeping warm and staying indoors quite a lot. Many people here seem to long for summer, (especially in the depths of winter!) These few months can be long and cold, b... Read More

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Building a Strong Burlington Community

As human beings, we all desire connections, relationships, feeling part of something larger than ourselves. This often presents itself in matters of: work, family, heritage, sports, nature, society and the community in which we live. When we are surrounded by people we can associate with we feel at ... Read More

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Black Friday in Canada

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of year. Although ours was 6 weeks ago, I am reminded of this heart warming holiday today, which is American Thanksgiving. Families gather and enjoy themselves over food, wine and good times. They give thanks for what they have been blessed with or achieved over... Read More

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The Benefits of Home Staging

When we are in the market of buying a home, most of us walk through and picture ourselves living there. We envision taking off our shoes, relaxing on the couch and what it would be like to cook in the kitchen. We visualize our current home and hope that this new house will only enrich our lives. If ... Read More

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Top 5 Energy Cost Saving Tips

Well, winter is here! There are a number of great things you can do to save on energy costs through the winter. The City of Burlington is hosting a FREE energy efficiency event next Tuesday, Nov. 25th 7-9 p.m. at the Burlington Public Library (2331 New St) Click HERE for full details to the f... Read More

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Top Tips for Selling a Home in Winter

Are you looking to sell your house this winter? The first snow fall yesterday confirmed that winter is in fact on it’s way. I had secretly hoped it may forget about visiting us this year, but alas… Here are some top winter selling tips from Keller Williams 1. Take photos of the house on s... Read More

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Holiday Season is Coming!

Burlington is such a stunning place to live, but Christmas truly makes our home city magical. Don’t miss out on any magic this holiday season! An abundance of talented community members have worked tirelessly to bring us all some great events to enjoy. Shop the Neighbourhood is a cre... Read More

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Luxury Christmas Present Giveaway!!

Fall is always a stunning time to take photographs. We are so lucky to call this beautiful city of Burlington home and as the years go on I appreciate what Burlington has to offer more and more. Being blessed with lake Ontario, the Niagara Escarpment, the farms and wildlife, one could sometimes for... Read More