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Real Estate Rentals: Is It For You?

There is a lot to be said for real estate investment properties. Purchasing a rental property is not just a great way to supplement your income but it could launch a new business. And that’s the best way to handle your new role as a landlord - treat it like a business. All tenants basically wan... Read More

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Real Estate Marketing | Under the Influence

Under the Influence is one of those great CBC radio shows that I try to never miss. It’s an exploration into the world of marketing: the age of persuasion and influence. Host Terry O’Reilly, brings such colour to the broadcast with his extensive knowledge of marketing and humourous inside storie... Read More

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Keller Williams Edge Realty 2016 Awards Luncheon

Team photo array from the 2016 Keller Williams Edge Realty Fifth Annual Awards Luncheon (March 2017). Honoured guests included Ontario Real Estate Association CEO Tim Hudak and OREA President Ettore Cardarelli (first row, centre photo). Karen Paul & Associates won the Double Platinum 2106 Gro... Read More

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Over the years, I've developed a CLIENT FIRST guiding principle that emphasizes accessiblity, attention to detail, effective communication and meeting customer's needs. Sometimes, this can involve advising or even assisting with the financial end of a real estate transaction. This article The 10... Read More

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Walkable Neighbourhoods: The New-Style Communities

During an average week, how many places can you, or do you, walk to? If you’re like many Canadians, it’s difficult to get everything done in one day on foot—at some point, you need to drive - whether to school, work, or shopping. Recently, I have noticed a trend away from a car-centred s... Read More

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5 Reasons To Use A Real Estate Agent

When you hire a real estate agent whether you are buying or selling your home, what exactly are you getting? Experience and expertise in real estate transactions! Most people sell only a few homes in their lifetime, usually with several years in between each sale. Even if you’ve done it before, ... Read More

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5 Tips To Getting Your Home Ready For The Spring Market

Most real estate agents have busy weekends hosting open houses and chatting with the potential buyers they meet. My team is no exception. This past weekend, we hosted four open houses which were just packed with prospective home buyers. If you are thinking of selling, there is no better opportuni... Read More

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Hidden Costs Of Home Buying

The selling price is only one of the real estate related costs you’ll encounter when purchasing a new home. Getting your real estate agent involved in helping you prepare a budget will ensure that nothing is overlooked. Along with a wide network of suppliers, experienced real estate agents have a... Read More

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Hidden Costs When Selling Your Home

On the surface, selling your property should be a simple calculation: Profit = Selling Price Less Outstanding Mortgage. So when a real estate agents starts sharing the incidental costs when selling your home, it seems almost counter-intuitive. One of the responsibilities of your real estate agent i... Read More

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Happy Holidays | The Very Best for 2017

What a wonderful year 2016 was, and a banner year for real estate sales. A huge thank you goes out to Team Karen Paul and of course our clients. On behalf of everyone at Karen Paul & Associates and Keller Williams Edge Realty, we wish you a very happy holiday and look forward to serving you ... Read More