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‘The Offer To Purchase’ – Breakin’ It Down

From viewing houses to signing the offer, your real estate sales professional is with you every step of the way.  A large part of their role is explaining the various steps in involved in either buying or selling a house. Grounding yourself in real estate know-how is always a good idea and not j... Read More

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Dave Larock Talks Title Insurance

An interesting question cropped up the other day from a gentleman who has owned his house for 30+ years, mortgage free. He was wondering if there was an insurance that protected him from any type of mortgage fraud. Title insurance is the answer. The following article on title insurance not only cov... Read More

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Increase Your Home’s ‘SaleAbility’ With Minor Improvements

I've had this conversation, many a time, with many a home seller. And I'm sure other real estate sales professionals have as well. Not all renovations increase the final selling price of a home. A $30,000 kitchen renovation for example, doesn’t necessarily translate into an extra $30,000 to th... Read More

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New Mortgage Rules In Feb 2016, Are You Ready?

The newly-elected federal Liberal government is increasing the minimum down payment requirements for higher-priced homes in Canada. As of February 15, 2016, Canadian home buyers will see changes to the rules regarding government-backed mortgages. Under current rules, Canadians with a down payment... Read More

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Is Condo Living The Right Choice For You?

Condo living is on the rise. Just drive into Toronto, or even downtown Burlington, and you'll notice the landscape has drastically changed. More high-rise condominiums are being built throughout Canada as there is an increasing demand for homes requiring little maintenance.  With the rising cost o... Read More

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The Need for Business Growth

The market has been on fire this year. From a busy winter to a high demand summer, 2015 has been very good to us. Hundreds of clients have been paired with their dream homes and there are still three months of 2015 to look forward to! We have welcomed rapid business growth and so, to keep up with... Read More

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Barbara Corcoran’s 7 Tips For Real Estate Success

One of the most successful women in the real estate industry has taught me a ton! Barbara Corcoran, whom many of you know from the popular TV show, Shark Tank, has built a phenomenal business over the last 40+ years. Starting out in the industry at the ripe age of 24, Barbara borrowed $1,000 f... Read More

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How Smart Homes are gaining popularity

Simplifying our lives, allowing us greater peace of mind, and saving us money, smart homes are the way of the future. There are of course varying degrees of smart homes. From houses you can control with your smart phone to a more extreme version - homes you control with your thoughts alone.??Adva... Read More

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The importance of taking a holiday from work

I always picture summer vacation as relaxing around a campfire or spending time outdoors with loved ones. ??These are the memories that flood our minds and sharing experiences actually help us evolve into happier, more productive people. My team and I love to travel! Each month, we are featuring... Read More

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Buy a village in Spain for less than a Hamilton home

After decades of dramatic change and economic crisis, entire villages in Spain have been found up for sale. Just north of Madrid, many villages are abandoned, and left for dead. Often, the only people left in these villages are the elderly, and even they are now moving out to be closer to hea... Read More