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Real Estate Know-How

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Our NEW Real Estate App!

I have seen a lot of thing evolve in real estate since I entered this profession in the 1970's, but the advancement of technology is by far the most exciting! It is so exciting that in today's world we can find a recipe, a map and even consumer reviews on products, with the touch of a screen. ... Read More

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Keys to owning a Golf Course Home

Gorgeous views, surrounded by nature, green space and water behind your home and knowing the fact you'll have no new houses going up in your backyard are among the desirable bonuses to living on a golf course.  In Burlington, we are blessed to be surrounded by dozens of golf courses, three of whic... Read More

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Great Ways to find your Ideal Neighbourhood

Choosing what city you want to live in can be a task in itself, but once that has been decided, how do you narrow your focus and zero in on the perfect neighbourhood to suit you? Where we live is a reflection of who we are and in essence, who we will grow into. Location, aesthetics, surroundings ... Read More

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How to Ease the Emotional Stress of Moving

Looking for a new home. Finding an agent that puts your needs first. Packing up all your belongings. Trying to choose the right: city, house, neighbourhood, school catchment area. Saying goodbye to your old house. Remembering the fun you had there; the laughs, the good times, the memories. ... Read More

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Next in Housing Market: Digital 3D Technology!

My team and I are so excited to announce that we have introduced a fabulous new technology! Karen Paul & Associates are the first agent team in Burlington to offer this amazing feature! We have teamed up with SilverHouse who provides exclusive 3D Walkthrough Real Estate videos. The full m... Read More

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The Teardown Trend

In the 1990's, Ontario jumped on the teardown bandwagon, but this trend does not seem to be going away. Driving around Burlington, McMansions have been erected city wide as smaller, outdated homes have become affordable to replace. Toronto Life Magazine just published their Sale of the we... Read More

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The Next Generation of Real Estate

Times drastically change with each generation. With the speed of the Internet and ever-evolving technology, expectations from new first time home buyers have followed suit. Those who were born in the 1990's are now the new wave of home buyers.  This means we need to keep up with this fast genera... Read More

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Keller Williams: the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world!!

“We’re #1 and we’ve just begun,” co-founder and Chairman Gary Keller said. After another record-setting year of growth, productivity and profitability gains, Keller Williams announced it has become the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. The Austin, Texas-based compan... Read More

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Buying a Rental Property in Canada

Work more efficiently and earn more money. Isn't that the dream we all share? I have a lot of people just like you asking me if buying a rental property in Canada is a good idea for them. Being a property investor and a landlord is a second job. You need to evaluate if this is the right fit for yo... Read More

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Condo vs House – which one is right for you?

When buying a home, there are a lot of decisions to make. Location, Size, Cost, Must-haves and perhaps most importantly, what type of home. Townhome Condo, Highrise Condo or Detached House? Buying a home is likely the biggest financial purchase you will ever make and it is a difficult decision... Read More