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How Smart Homes are gaining popularity


Simplifying our lives, allowing us greater peace of mind, and saving us money, smart homes are the way of the future.

There are of course varying degrees of smart homes. From houses you can control with your smart phone to a more extreme version – homes you control with your thoughts alone.??Advanced smart home technology allows you to customize your home anytime, from anywhere.

Imagine, laying on a beach in Florida and switching your lights on to appear you are home. Activating your alarm system has never been easier and you can see in real time whether your loved ones have switched the alarm on or off, with the touch of a button on your iPhone.

Saving on your heat/air conditioning bill

It is no secret that heat and air conditioning can become quite costly, especially if the system is running all hours of the day. The majority of people spend upwards of 8-10 hours outhow-smart-homes-are-gaining-popularity-karen-paul-real-estate2side of the house everyday. During these hours, the heat or air does not need to be pumping. Turning down the temperature even 5 degrees will help. The same goes for overnight.

Security System

Homeowners can virtually check up on their homes from wherever they are in the world. Providing this peace of mind can make a world of difference. From your smart phone, you can confirm that your alarm was set, and not breached. This gives you the power to monitor, control, secure and customise your living space with a touch of your smartphone.

If anything happens to your home, you are notified at once. Also, you never have to worry about forgetting to lock the back door or losing your keys – it’s all at your fingertips!????Set the comfort for your home?You can control lighting, temperature settings, locks, everything down to individual connected appliances.

Whether it’s making sure your place is warm and cozy when you come home in winter, or setting those lights just right for movie night, turn what you need on and off, up and down — and then get back to what you were doing in the first place.

I would love to hear from you. Do you own a smart home? What are your favourite features? How has owning a smart home improved your life?

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