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Increase Your Home’s ‘SaleAbility’ With Minor Improvements

I’ve had this conversation, many a time, with many a home seller. And I’m sure other real estate sales professionals have as well.

Not all renovations increase the final selling price of a home. A $30,000 kitchen renovation for example, doesn’t necessarily translate into an extra $30,000 to the bottom line. Before embarking on renovations, take a moment to discuss options with your real estate sales professional, sometimes it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

In fact there are many smaller home improvements that can directly affect a home’s ‘saleability’.

Upgrades Should Be Energy Efficient

Increasing Your Home's Value With Small Home Improvements | Karen Paul & AssociatesRecent studies suggest that energy efficiency has become an important selling point for millennial home buyers. With skyrocketing fuel and utility costs, all the little bits add up to a whole lot.

While SMART controlled home technology and Energy-Star appliances are a real boost to a home, there are many other upgrades that can be done that when taken together directly affect fuel and utility costs making a home more affordable.


  • Replacing kitchen and bathroom fixtures with low-flow faucets and replacing older toilets with high-efficiency models.
  • Replacing water heaters with a tankless water heater that will reduce the gallons wasted while the shower heats up.
  • New and clean windows really add a difference. But go one step further and consider double or triple paned windows. It will increase a home’s energy efficiency by preventing hot air from escaping in the winter and keeping cool air inside the home in the summer.
  • Even upgrading incandescent bulbs to energy efficient devices like compact flourescents or LEDS will make a difference.

Environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable aren’t just buzzwords. Homes decorated with natural finishes (such as bamboo floorings) and coverings are having an impact on buyers.

Update The Small Stuff

If you don’t address the small repairs, you run the risk of losing a potential buyer.

Good materials aren’t always expensive if you shop carefully and place them where they will have the most impact. Upgraded cabinet hardware, a fresh coat of paint that looks professional or light fixtures with interesting lighting options will catch a buyer’s interest.

And making things seem Increase Your Home's Value With Small Home Improvements bigger than they are – like closets. Regardless of the size, nothing perks-up a closet like a built-in closet organizer. Even the tiniest of closets will appear larger and more efficient when equipped with an organizer.

Transform Old Rooms
Into Specialty Rooms

A well organized and attractive laundry room doubling as a multi-purpose room is making a come-back and moving out of the basement. Or, if your basement is unfinished can part of it be into an exercise room or home theatre?

These are just a few ideas to share with your professional real estate agent. It’s about identifying those updates that you can handle easily and will make a difference on the sale of you home. .

Not sure what your home requires to get top dollar? Give me a call, I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

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