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Keller Williams Int’l Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims

Keller Williams International Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims | Karen Paul & Associates Burlington Ontario Realtor

“The measure of life is not its duration but its donation”


How proud I am to be a part of Keller Williams International, headquartered in Austin Texas.

Can you imagine losing your home that is your comfort zone, not to mention your life savings? Pets, belongings, and treasures never to be replaced.

Keller Williams has an established 501(c) charity called KW CARES in which EVERY Keller Williams AGENT in EVERY office in the world contributes to from their commissions earned with EVERY transaction that comes through a Keller Williams office.

I bet you did not know you were helping with relief efforts around the world when you listed and bought through a KW agent!!

To date: Keller Williams has committed to donating $20million of your/our money to the disaster relief and recovery of Houston, Texas. KW CARES owns multiple 18-wheelers for transporting supplies that they were able to purchase in bulk.

Keller Williams also works side-by-side with the RED CROSS and other charitable organizations by sending in supplies or even flying into disaster areas, hundreds of agent volunteers.

And all the admin costs? They are being handled personally by our KW Chairman Gary Keller and Vice Chairman of the board Mo Anderson.

Learn more at You can donate right on the website or sign up to volunteer.




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