Jul 6, 2017 / Real Estate Video Chats

Listing Country Properties | Renovate Before Listing

In January, Kim Perosa and Michael McQuinn, professional sales agents with Karen Paul & Associates joined Karen for the Friday Morning Real Estate Video Chat.

In this particular chat Kim, Michael and Karen discuss the current real estate market, listing country properties and whether or not renovating a property before listing adds to the value of the home?

Here are some highlights:

  • Michael, who recently joined the team, wanted to learn more about listing country properties. As a subject expert, Karen emphasized the importance of doing thorough research, particularly knowing all of the comparative values between land and acreage.  The conversation continues with Michael asking how to differentiate between raw property value and property that contains some bricks and mortar that doesn’t necessarily add to the value.
  • Kim, who has been selling real estate since 1987, stated that in this kind of market, where there is a real demand for housing, anyone who wanted to list their home, should list in January to get a jump on the spring market.
  • Is there any value to renovating before listing? Karen’s answer was unexpected.

Kim Perosa, Michael McQuinn and Karen Paul share their thoughts on…
listing country properties | the current real estate market
and will renovations increase the value on a home.

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