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Realtor Partnerships: Mothers & Sons

Have you ever noticed how many real estate teams are actually family operations? Husbands and wives together often being followed by their sons and daughters.

In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal Mark Olesh, South Florida regional director for Keller Williams Realty in Palm Harbour, FL was quoted as saying: “the secret to a successful family brokerage is to treat even close relatives as non-family hires. Rather than simply ‘throwing them in a spot’ because of familiarity. The firm offers training courses to allow agents to objectively assess each incoming family member’s skill.”

Karen and Justin My son, Justin Loncaric and I have been working together for 13 years, most recently as part of the Keller Williams Edge Realty Brokerage. We always make a point of having fun together, including this ‘Friday Info’ video session, where we chatted about “what’s it like working together – mother and son?”

While I’ve pulled out some of the more interesting nuggets of information, I’d certainly recommend listening to the entire video.

So what’s it really like working together you ask?

Karen: It’s fantastic actually. It’s taken a lot of years for both Justin and I to adjust however, now we work together very well on any kind of appointment. We actually compliment each other which is a good thing, but he still has a lot to learn.

Justin: And we’ve been together long enough, that I can kind of gauge where you need me and when you don’t want me.

Karen: I kick him under the table sometimes and mouth “Don’t Talk.”

Justin: That’s true. If the table starts to shake during a home evaluation it’s because she’s kicking me under the table.

‘Karen Paul and Justin Loncaric share their thoughts on
‘working together on the same real estate team as mother and son’.

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