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How To Reduce The Chance Of A Home Invasion By 90%

How To Reduce The Chances of A Home Invasion By 90% | Justin Loncaric - Real Estate ProfessionalNo one wants to deal with a home invasion. But how do you reduce the chances of one happening?

Fortunately, home invasions are a well-studied phenomenon — especially by law enforcement.

Numerous studies have identified specific things you can do to cut your risk dramatically.

Here are some ideas:

  • 34% of home invasions occur through the front door. Experts recommend investing in a door with a top-quality locking mechanism. (The best are those that lock at three points of contact.)
  • 50% of burglars will be deterred if your home has some sort of video monitoring system. No thief wants to see their face on YouTube!
  • Unfortunately, signs and window stickers warning of an alarm system do not deter thieves. However, 62% of burglars will immediately run away when an alarm goes off. Always turn on your alarm system when you’re not home!
  • 22% of burglaries occur through a sliding glass door or patio door. Make sure it’s locked and also use a solid metal jammer.
  • Some thieves use frequency scanners to gain access to garages. Police recommend changing your remote entry code regularly and putting blinds or curtains on garage windows so thieves can’t see (and be tempted by) any valuables inside.

As you can see, there are many simple things you can do to reduce your chances of a home invasion dramatically.

The effort is worth it.

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