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    Selling your home? We’re here to help you price it right – get a comparative market analysis today.
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    Selling Houses Is What We Love To Do!

     Karen Paul

    Whether you’re selling your home for the first time or it’s been a while since you’ve dabbled in the real estate market, selling your home can be a daunting thought, so where to start?

    Pre-evaluation Of Your Home:

    You probably have a pretty good idea of how much your house is worth, or think you do. Having a professional real estate agent handle the pre-evaluation of your home is a good first step. Even if you haven’t entirely made up your mind to sell, you’ll be appraised of the size of your investment.

    There are several critical pieces of information taken into account when an evaluation is done including:

    • The price of similar houses on the market and what they sold for;
    • Your home’s curb appeal and special features;
    • And, the current market conditions, whether it’s a buyers or sellers’ market.

    Get an opinion today on how much your home is worth. Complete our Home Evaluation Form, and a sales professional from Karen Paul & Associates will call to book an appointment. You’ll never need another opinion.

    Choosing A Real Estate Agent:

    A real estate agent not only is your advocate but your guide through the complex process of selling a home. The very best real estate agents want top dollar, quick turn-around and minimal inconvenience to you. So, how does one go about choosing an agent to handle quite possibly the largest asset you have?

     Karen Paul

    Successful real estate agents have integrity, superior market knowledge, effective negotiation skills, and marketing savvy. They are also actively involved in the community with an extensive, high quality networking web.

    In real estate, experience counts. The knowledge accumulated from years of transactions comes in handy when dealing with different circumstances and complex situations. You want your real estate agent one-step ahead of you, anticipating problems.

    Karen Paul & Associates implements a ‘CLIENT FIRST‘ guiding principle that emphasizes accessibility, attention to detail, effective communication and meeting client’s needs.

    Ultimately Karen Paul & Associates want to negotiate the best deal for clients, which often entails saving them thousands of dollars. After all, you want to invest funds in your new home!

    Timing The Sale:

    The old saying “sell your home in the spring and it shows better” is just that – an old saying. The reality is that the real estate market has changed drastically. Real estate prices are influenced by a number of different factors including: interest rates; market conditions; government policies, the overall health of the economy and possibly the most critical, supply and demand.

    Hand-in-hand, is ‘the whether to sell first and then buy or buy first to ensure that you get what you want’ dilemma.

    Since the market conditions are fluid, a real estate sales professional is the best one to advise you on the best course of action. A professional real estate agent will take into account: your buying and selling opportunities; what’s involved in prepping the house for sale; moving strategies and closing options.

    At Karen Paul & Associates, our real estate agents will review all of your options and offer a few scenarios so that you can choose the one that best suits you and your family.

    Getting Ready:

     Karen Paul

    A positive first impression in any home sale is extremely important. So, go ahead and give your place an inspection and consider the following:

    • What’s your home’s the curb appeal? Is your house generally in good repair? Are there any cracked or broken window panes? Is the exterior paint chipped? Are the eaves troughs and downspouts in good repair? Is the house number easy to read? Does the doorbell work? Have you taken care of your lawn and plants?
    • And inside the house, are there places with chipped plaster? Do any rooms need a fresh coat of paint? Are any cupboard doors hanging? Does the toilet leak? Are there any squeaky doors? Are there rooms such as the basement or garage that need a serious purge? Are there any visible stains on flooring? Any odours that may be off-putting?

    Those are things that easily repaired and can make a difference when it comes to first impressions.

    But before you launch into a major renovation project or rush out and get new furniture make sure you consult with a real estate professional. Not all renovations add to the value of your home. And that is something that a real estate agent will discuss with you including the benefits of staging your home.

    We’re Here To Help, By Negotiating The Best Deal Possible.

    If you’re ready to sell and would like one of our agents to drop by, give us a call, or complete our home pre-evaluation form to make an appointment.

    Karen Paul & Associates have outperformed many other agents!

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