Jan 8, 2015 / Community

The Power of Our Community

Burlington is consistently ranked as one of the top most liveable cities in Canada. According to Money Sense, in 2014 Burlington held the 5th spot. Our community has gone though a lot in the past year. From the ice storm that left so many of us without heat and power last Christmas to the severe flooding we were delivered in August. The power of our community showed it’s true colours during both of these trying events.

Neighbours who had power during the ice storm were opening their doors and welcoming in those who didn’t. Companies were offering “phone charging stations” and hang out zones so people could warm up and keep in touch with loved ones.

With 310 claims, the province of Ontario promised to match our fundraising efforts by 2-1. Once again, we saw the power of our community. People were volunteering their time to help others, churches, grocery stores and big events were raising money. Everyone chipped in and raised $905,000 in 100 days, (which is $9,000 everyday!) which was matched by the Ontario Provincial Government for a total of $2.9M! With 310 claims, this generous contribution will go a long way for the affected families.

It is so heart-warming to see that our community is always getting closer and that the power of our community truly goes a long way. Earlier this month we published a post on what we can do to build a stronger Burlington Community, in case you missed it, you can view it HERE.

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