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Top 4 Rooms To Renovate That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

The truth is, not all home renovations are created equal.

Remodeling and undergoing extensive renovations is a natural progression of being a homeowner. But there are certain rooms you should focus on to increase your home’s value. Everyone seems to be renovating their homes, so make sure you choose DIY projects that are in your budget and actually earn you money when you choose to sell.


As the heart of the home, everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. Most of our home’s big ticket appliances live in this room.
Have you every wondered why everyone gathers in the kitchen during parties? Even if you don’t cook, this social space the-top-4-rooms-to-renovate-to-greatly-increase-your-homes-value-karen-paul-real-estategets lots of action – so make it a beautiful place to be.

Since the kitchen is low on furniture and can be easily updated with a coat of paint, it’s important to get the kitchen appliances right. Spending the extra money to get the right appliances, counter tops and cupboards are crucial – it is costly to change your mind.

Home buyers love to see a kitchen that is clean, updated and move-in ready, easing the financial burden of having to make their own upgrades.


In Canada, we are very lucky to have basements. Most other countries in the world do not have such a luxury. Being underground, they keep us cool in the summer and cozy in the winter months. Basements are second on our top four renovation list as they can add 25 – 50% more square footage to your home.

If the-top-4-rooms-to-renovate-to-greatly-increase-your-home-value-karen-paul-real-estate2your basement is unfinished, investing the time and money to make it a bright, livable space can essentially double the living space in your house.

Don’t need the extra space?

Why not put an approved rental unit in the basement. This is a great way to cut your mortgage payment in half, and give someone a nice place to live!




A newly updated bathroom goes a very long way when you are selling your home. The only room in the house where we spend time cleansing ourselves should be bright, airy, and an enjoyable place to be.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting costs and going cheap here, luxurious bathrooms have been known to sell homes on their own merit. When a potential home buyer walks through your home, they don’t want to be encountered with a “necessary project”.
Make it a nice space for yourself and you will reap the rewards by enjoying it, and earning back your investment when you sell.



With only 6 months of nice weather, it is imperative that our outdoor spaces are usable, and beautiful!

Being cooped up inside all winter and all day at work, it’s nice to have an outdoor space to enjoy. Putting time, energy, and hardwork into creating a soothing, colourful backyard should never be overlooked.
With people being so busy these days, more and more homeowners are opting for creating yards with little grass – which is far easier to maintain. Buyers want to visualize living in your home, so making it cozy and well kept are big pluses.

If you are listing your home in winter, be sure to provide your realtor with outdoor photographs of your yard (front and back) in the summer.

If you’re satisfied that these rooms are buyer-ready, have a quick list at other areas to upgrade that can add value to your home:

  • FLOORING: Most people are afraid of carpet. It is the toughest flooring type to properly clean, and those with dust allergies often have concerns. Laying some nice tile or hardwood can transform an outdated hallway and add more value for a reasonable price and time frame.
  • WINDOWS:  New windows are a blessing. They save money on heat and air, make a home more attractive and eliminate draft. Windows are not cheap, but are well worth the investment.
  • DOORKNOBS & LIGHT SWITCHES: Sometimes the smallest details can make a big impact. Replacing 1980s switches and knobs can quickly and simply add an updated feel.
  • PAINT: A fresh paint job goes a long way. It can brighten up a room and make it feel newer with just two coats. Not bad for a quick day’s work and $150 at Home Depot.

If you have any questions about your upcoming renovation, we have seen it all! ?Contact Us and we would be happy to assist you!

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