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Top 5 Energy Cost Saving Tips

Well, winter is here!

There are a number of great things you can do to save on energy costs through the winter.

The City of Burlington is hosting a FREE energy efficiency event next Tuesday, Nov. 25th 7-9 p.m. at the Burlington Public Library (2331 New St)

Click HERE for full details to the free info seminar!

Here are our Top 5 simple things you can start doing today!

1. Put on an extra sweater

There is no reason why you should be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt mid winter. Take advantage of the cooler weather and layer up in your cozy slippers and favourite blanket.

2. Light the fireplace

There is nothing cozier than wrapping up warm and sitting in front of a real fire. If you have a gas fireplace, this is just as good! Gather some loved ones or a good book and relax by the fire. You’ll feel much warmer very quickly!

3. Learn about your electrical usage

Knowing what is and isn’t making big demands on your electrical supply is the first step to conservation. A good rule to follow is use a smaller appliance (ie. a kettle to boil water vs. a stove). Try not to overuse energy-sucking appliances such as heaters, a FAR better use to generate localized heat would be a heating blanket.

4. Lower your Thermostat when you don’t need it

There are two times in the day when you can drop your heat.
During the day when the house is empty and overnight when the family is asleep.
During these times, your furnace does not need to be pumping out the room temperature 71 degree average. I recommend setting your thermostat to 60 during the day (the sun will help keep it warm) and 65 overnight. This drop in temperature maintains house warmth significant enough, but will cut your costs more than you can imagine. For best results, program your thermostat to 60 for the time you leave the house in the morning and 65 at bedtime. Make sure it is programmed to return to the average of 71 about 90 minutes before arriving home from school/work and 90 minutes prior to waking up. (However, in a deep freeze – colder than minus 20, beware of not turning the heat down too much as pipes may be prone to freezing).

5. Seal any leaks, especially draughty windows

Look for places that have a draught. Caulk leaks around windows, door frames, pipes or any point that goes through the outside wall. Apply plastic over draughty windows, especially in the basement. These inexpensive kits are sold at Canadian Tire or Home Depot and drastically help reduce cold air flowing in.

Hope those few tips help. Any further questions or concerns, please call us directly on 905-333-6234

Stay warm this winter!

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