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We Have Home Buyers Looking For THE Right Home


Is it yours?

Our real estate agents are working with home buyers to find specific properties either in a certain location, budget or.. just the perfect fit.  If you are thinking of selling your home within the next 6 months, please give one of our agents a call.

  • Millcroft Property with office on main level | budget $1.4M
  • Alton Village or Orchards | 4 bedroom home | budget $650,000
  • 2+ acres in North Burlington. Privacy is biggest concern | Up to $1.4M
  • 2 bedroom + in-law suite in Hamilton (preferably West Mountain) Up to $600,000
  • South Burlington reno project. Looking at $1M
  • 4-5 bedroom home in St. Catharines in the neighbourhood of $450,000
  • Looking for 1-2 acre property in Burlington with large updated home. | Budget up to $2M
  • 2-3 bedroom home in Hamilton (Centre or East Hamilton) up to $225,000. Client doesn’t mind a little work!

Looking for a particular home or investment property?

Our agents are here to help!