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Top Burlington Neighbourhoods Buyers Are Dying To Move To

As a team of passionate Burlington real estate professionals, we know better than most just how fantastically diverse and eclectic our local community is.

With an ever-expanding population of about 185,000 local residents, the City of Burlington is always developing and evolving. And, one of our favourite things to do is explore and re-explore each neighbourhood, community, and pocket of the city that makes Burlington so unique.

If you’re on the search for a new home in Burlington but haven’t settled on exactly where just yet, let our Burlington neighbourhood guides below make the perfect brief introduction for you.

Downtown Burlington

Of course, we couldn’t talk about Burlington neighbourhoods without mentioning perhaps the most well-known of them all, Downtown Burlington. This is the picturesque Burlington neighbourhood that’s scenic waterfront vistas and populous amenities and attractions make it onto the front of most of Burlington’s postcards, billboards, and advertisements.

If you’re used to a big city or want to be close to the action, this is the neighbourhood in Burlington for you. Not only is it one of the most naturally beautiful as it sits right up against the glistening shoreline of Lake Ontario, but it’s comprehensively action-packed too, with just about anything you could ever want or need right at your doorstep.

From the city’s best bars, restaurants, cafes, shopping, and entertainment, along with some of Burlington’s best views, everything is right here in Downtown Burlington.

As far as the homes here go, the landscape is developing at a rapid pace, with a huge number of new lakeside condo buildings having been constructed in the recent past with even more to come, catering perfectly to the smaller family or singles and couple crowd.

Coming from out of town? We’ve helped so many newcomers settle into life in Burlington we’ve lost count. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you do the same, visit our Help Me Relocate page here.

Alton Village

If you’re a buyer that requires a bit more square footage than a condo in the sky in Downtown Burlington but doesn’t necessarily want to compromise on scenic vistas, then the neighbourhood of Alton Village is for you.

Located up towards the north end of the city, Alton Village is a family-oriented, largely residential neighbourhood that touts sweeping views of the Niagara Escarpment and all of its glorious surrounding green spaces.

This not only offers the perfect natural backdrop, but also a sense of security parents have grown accustomed to when allowing their children to run, laugh, and play outside in the community.

And, with public amenities like the Burlington Public Library, Dr. Frank Hayden Secondary School, and the Haber Recreation Centre close by as well, it has all the makings of one of Burlington’s best neighbourhoods for families. Not to mention also being right next door to Norton Community Park, the largest open green space in the area.

If you’re on the hunt for the best Burlington home for your unique lifestyle, you’ll have a great chance of finding it on our listings pages here:


Much like Downtown Burlington, the neighbourhood of Roseland is located right along the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario, though the neighbourhood itself is more of a happy medium between downtown and the more residential, family-friendly area of Alton Village.

Because Roseland is one of Burlington’s older neighbourhoods, this community is known for its sizeable homes and lot sizes despite being located so centrally within the city — right beside Downtown Burlington, in fact. For this reason, Roseland is a perennially desirable neighbourhood for Burlington buyers.

Roseland is also full of historic charm that’s hard to find in other, more recently built neighbourhoods in Burlington too, with many of the neighbourhoods structures constructed back near the beginning of the previous century. Here, you can expect older heritage homes, generously wide streets, ​​and lots of lush greenery including canopy-lined streets and sprawling front lawns.

As for the homes, it’s not all old-world here — there’s a great mix of newly renovated homes in Roseland too to suit the needs of the modern homebuyer. Whatever style of home you’re looking for, the neighbourhood Roseland is a great place to look for larger single-family structures perfectly suited to family life.

Eager to find out more about Burlington’s many amazing local neighbourhoods? Visit our Burlington Neighbourhoods page here for more information.


Over on the far western border of the City of Burlington is where you’ll find the neighbourhood of Aldershot, another covetable Burlington neighbourhood sat directly atop the shores of stunning Lake Ontario.

As you might’ve guessed, Burlington’s unfettered access to Lake Ontario is one of the city’s major draws for locals and newcomers alike, so it only makes sense the neighbourhoods with the best access to the lake are among the most desirable for buyers.

If you enjoy being close to the water but far from the hustle and bustle of one of Canada’s most rapidly-expanding cities, then Aldershot offers the perfect happy medium right here in Burlington. While this naturally gorgeous community in Burlington’s west end is as far away from the city centre as you can get (while staying lakeside, that is), that’s not to say living in Aldershot is an inconvenience at all.

In actuality, Aldershot is home to many valuable Burlington amenities, including the eye-catching grounds of the Royal Botanical Gardens, the vibrant shopping district along ​​Plains Road West, and even the Aldershot GO Station, which offers convenient public transport services for commuters.

In terms of the homes, there are an enormous variety of types and architectural influences here in Aldershot, many of which date back to the middle of the 20th century. From ranch and cottage-style homes to mid-century bungalows and the like, the choice is yours when living in Aldershot.

No matter which Burlington neighbourhood suits your lifestyle best, we’re confident can help you find the ideal home for you there. Find out more about our buying process on our buyer-related pages below:


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