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How To Reduce The Chance Of A Home Invasion By 90%

No one wants to deal with a home invasion. But how do you reduce the chances of one happening? Fortunately, home invasions are a well-studied phenomenon — especially by law enforcement. Numerous studies have identified specific things you can do to cut your risk dramatically. Here are... Read More

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Under The Microscope: A Real Estate Agent’s Day

So, how does a real estate agent spend their day? Good question. On average, every real estate agent spends about 9 hours of ‘behind the scenes’ work for every hour they spend with a potential buyer or seller.  So, what do they do? Searching: Just like everyone else, real estate agents sp... Read More

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Barbara Corcoran’s 7 Tips For Real Estate Success

One of the most successful women in the real estate industry has taught me a ton! Barbara Corcoran, whom many of you know from the popular TV show, Shark Tank, has built a phenomenal business over the last 40+ years. Starting out in the industry at the ripe age of 24, Barbara borrowed $1,000 f... Read More

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Buy a village in Spain for less than a Hamilton home

After decades of dramatic change and economic crisis, entire villages in Spain have been found up for sale. Just north of Madrid, many villages are abandoned, and left for dead. Often, the only people left in these villages are the elderly, and even they are now moving out to be closer to hea... Read More

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9 Ways to Buy a Home Overseas

Buying a home is the biggest investment you will make during your life. And when you're trying to find a home away from home, you need to know what you're trying to accomplish and how to do it. The rules are different everywhere you go, but here are nine things to consider when purchasing a home ... Read More

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Own a piece of the wilderness – the benefits of owning a cottage

So, you want to buy a cottage. And this is the perfect time of year, full of great memory making opportunities. Spending time outdoors with loved ones is the best one of all! Returning to the wild, relaxing by the water and escaping from the daily grind are all fantastic benefits that cottages of... Read More

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How to buy a University home for your child

In just 5 short weeks the next generation will be entering into university. This time of year is always exciting, hectic, thrilling especially for those who are entering into a new phase of life. I have had a lot of friends and clients through the years who have purchased property in the corre... Read More

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Ever wondered: When is best time of year to buy or sell your home?

Traditionally, the calender used to dictate the best and worst times to sell a home. Winter was seen as "the wrong time to list" and spring was viewed as optimal. However, once the word got out and this school of thought became mainstream, things changed. The truth is, timing is everything.... Read More

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Uncovering The Real Cost OF Moving

If your rental lease is coming due or if you are in the market to buy a new home, I am sure you have made lists of things to do in preparation for your move. Looking at new places to live is exciting, but people often get so caught up in dreaming of the future that they fail to budget for the presen... Read More

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How to Win a Bidding War

34 % of Canadians are prepared to enter into a bidding war, according to a recent BMO report. That number jumps in the countries hottest markets to 44% of Torontonians and 41% of Vancouverites. Desired Real Estate, combined with a sellers market means buyers are often one of many fighting for a ho... Read More