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Cost Efficient Ways to Heat Your Pool in The Summer

Summer is getting nearer and the last year has seen a huge rise in demand for home swimming pools.

If you are a new swimming pool owner, you may be wondering how to heat a swimming pool for free of almost free. You may not have selected the pool heater you want to use. Or the heaters you have looked at may not be cost-effective.

2 Contributing factors for economical pool heating are Solar Power and Heat Retention. Let’s look at some inexpensive ideas.

Black Hose Trick:

All you need to do is buy a black garden hose.

Purchase a black garden hose long enough to travel the distance from your pool pump and into a sunny area with 100 feet to spare. To keep your pool warmer, puck a spot on the deck or on the roof of your house.

After you’ve chosen the spot, it is time to unravel your hose. Connect it to the return in your pool pump. You can do this using a tap style connection.

Once you have attached your hose, run it to your chosen sunny spot.

Wrap all of your spare hose into a coil. The coil will help the hose to remain warm. Then run the remaining hose into the pool.

Warm water will circulate through this heated coil, creating a pool water heater to increase your water temperature.

Solar Cover/Blanket:

One of the main causes of heat loss in a pool is evaporation. Water evaporates during the day. Gusts of wind and the heat of the sun cause water loss. When you remove water that is already warm, you will cool down the temperature of your pool by adding cooler water. This is unless you prevent the evaporation from occurring.

A solar cover presents the perfect barrier to evaporation. It not only provides a shield against water loss but also acts as a cheap pool heater. This is because a solar pool blanket will help you retain heat.

Solar Panels:

Solar Panels convert sunlight into energy. They are cost-effective and an environmentally friendly way of heating a pool. They can also be combined with electric heating systems to add warmth to your pool.

If you are wondering how to quickly heat a pool, solar panels are your best option. Combine them with your electric or gas heating system for rapid results.

The cost of installing this heating for pools will depend on the size of your pool and the number of panels you will need. You’ll also need to find out the capacity of the panels you wish to install. The larger your family, the more energy you will need to heat your pool.

Solar Dome Connectors:

Solar dome connectors work in a similar way to solar mats. However, with a dome connector, the piping rolled up into a dome shape. Heating for pools takes place within this dome.

Solar domes take up far less space than solar panels. An 8 x 4 meter pool which is 1.5M Deep will only need ten domes. This is because each dome heats up a large amount of water.

It is best to use solar domes for small pools. This is because, like solar panels, domes are dependent on sunlight. You will also use some energy to push water through the domes. Domes are slightly cheaper to buy than solar panels.

Solar Rings:

If you want to solar heat your pool but are not yet ready to buy a solar pool blanket, you could always use solar rings.

Solar rings are like a solar pool cover broken into smaller rings or circles. They make cost-effective heating for pools. They are also very easy to use.

All you need to do is throw a couple of solar rings into your pool. The amount you will need will depend on the surface area of your water.

Your rings will absorb heat while they float. They will also connect to each other, locking together to hear your pool. This is because each of the solar rings has a magnet that attracts them to one another. Solar rings create 21,000 BTUs of heat per day.

Hope these tips on how to heat your pool efficiently and inexpensively help you keep warm in the water this summer!

Written by:

Troy Challe of Karen Paul & Associates


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