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Find Your New Home!

It doesn’t necessarily matter where you are or what you’re doing,  but rather how it makes you feel is what’s important.

However perfect the statistics appear on paper; whether it is an online dating profile, a job role or finding your “dream house” if the feelings do not match the statistics (no matter how impressive) it just won’t jive.

So how do we decide when the timing is right to make a change and how do we know if the change suits us or not, without regretting making a move that perhaps isn’t suited?

are you ready to buy a house

1) Make a pros and cons list
If you are thinking of a move, make a list of the good and bad about the decision. This is a good start to get your thoughts flowing about how you truly feel about each option.

2) Ask yourself why you are looking for a change
Is this something you have been considering for a long time? Are you currently frustrated and feel this is the only way things can get better? Thinking about what is the true driver behind your actions will help you seek the true answers you are looking for.

3) Decide if this is the right time
In life, timing is everything. Even after you’ve weighed up the pros and cons and you know why you would like a change, you need to ask yourself if now is the right time. Have you got the resources? Have you done your homework? Are you prepared to leave your current situation?

4) Move forward
If everything is aligned and you have gotten through the previous 3 points without hesitation, taking the plunge without looking back is the next step.

5) Enjoy your decision
You’ve got through the hardest parts, now you can enjoy your decision and move forward with your new house/job/partner!

I made a HUGE shift last year when I decided to move my team to Keller Williams. There was A LOT of thinking, A LOT Of researching, A LOT of digging. Once I decided this decision was right for us, we amicably left Royal LePage where I had called home for over 30 years. Making the shift was full of emotions. It was scary, it was new, it was interesting. But with the right preparation and timing, the shift was a success.

I am very happy to call Keller Williams my new home! My team have received such a warm welcome and while we are just getting our feet wet here, this decision came at exactly the right time!!

Let us know how we can help you and we’ll be happy to work with you through your decisions to find your new home!
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