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The HUGE Benefits of an Open House

The Huge Benefits Of An Open House | Karen Paul & Associates Real Estate I am sure we all have the same home sale dream. List the house, have multiple offers,maybe have a bidding war and take our pick on which offer we would like to accept.

While this magically happens for some, for the rest of us, the process is a bit more in depth.

Holding an open house is one of the best ways to gain valuable feedback. Attending other open houses can help greatly with understanding where your home measures up.

Allows for Shopping Around

An open house allows prospective buyers the chance to view multiple homes and compare what the market offers. As a seller, you could venture out and look around at other homes, either to move into or for a market comparison against your own home.

Buyers Can Come at their Own Pace

When you are buying a home, agents book multiple appointments for you to view individual houses. Arranging times and appointments with homeowners can be tricky, and sometimes not everything lines up. As a seller, holding an open house is a great way to have a large number of prospective buyers all coming through your home in one 2 hour timeblock.

Bring a Friend /Relative

Usually in the home buying process, the individual or couple are the ones who go to showings. The nice thing with an open house is you can bring others who are close to you to get their advice. Sometimes having the opinion of someone you trust, who is not emotionally involved, is a nice sounding board.

Hear Other Feedback

At an open house, often times other prospective buyers looking through the home will make passing comments. The questions they bring up may not have been something you thought of and can ask your agent. Hearing positive feedback or seeing what others are pointing out also helps you notice all the fine

As the homeowner, the question could be posed; “Why would you not have an open house?” There really isn’t a downside to having an open house. They are intended to entice buyers into your property and if it is presented well, you could find a buyer on the day!

Also, having a 2 hour open house block time allows buyers through your home, potentially saving you hours outside of the open house.

We would be thrilled to work with you and host your open house. Contact us Today!

We’d love to hear from you. What are you favourite things about an open house?

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