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LED: The Next Evolution in Lighting

This fall we listed a home that was using only LED lighting. I was absolutely fascinated and impressed, not just by the quality of the lighting but the role LED lighting was playing towards sustainability. Since this is the time of holidays lights on our trees and in our homes (inside and out) it s... Read More

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8 Tips: Make Sure Your Home Is Winter Ready

Doesn’t feel like it right now, but winter will be here sooner than we think. And winter can be brutal on a home and your pocketbook.  It’s important to protect your home from potential damage and address heat and energy leaks. Where to start? The home inspection report from your home sale ma... Read More

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Joint home ownership: What you need to know.

Co-ownership or joint ownership, isn’t a new idea. But with housing prices on the rise, joint home ownership is proving to be an affordable option for many new home buyers and families. There are many reasons to consider jointly owning a home. Beyond affordability, people can enter a joint hou... Read More

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Tips To Winterize Your Home: Furnace Maintenance

While regular furnace cleaning and maintenance helps to prevent problems, it also keeps your furnace operating efficiently. An efficient furnace reduces energy waste and means lower utility bills. ClimateCare is Canada's largest network of independent heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC... Read More

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Pedro Giorgana Talks Thermal Home Inspections

It's always been my view as a realtor, that every real estate sales transaction is better with a completed home inspection. Our job as realtors is to verify the facts such as lot sizes and taxes, but to 'lift the veil' on a home, you really need a home inspection. Home inspections need to be com... Read More

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4 Tips to hosting Thanksgiving dinner with ease

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner, is usually the warm-up to the big event – Christmas dinner. But it seems to me that the whole point of having the entire family over for a big event, is to be able to enjoy it with them. It’s not fun hosting a big family dinner only to be totally run off your feet... Read More

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7 Helpful tips to Downsize Your Own Home

Getting ready to downsize? We’re here to help. As real estate agents, not only do we chat about downsizing, but we’ve experienced it before with many of our clients. And after 35 years of real estate transactions, that’s a lot of downsizing. The biggest thing I can say about downsizing is tha... Read More

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4 Tips: Make Downsizing Someone’s Home Easier

Downsizing. Even the word sounds negative. But it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience, in fact framed as working towards a new adventure, saving money or having less upkeep can keep the downsizing process on the move. Whatever your reasons (buying or selling the family home) for moving or... Read More

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Hacks To Prep Your Home for Back-to-School

Someone should declare ‘Back-to-School’ a season. After a summer of fun and frolic, everyone thinks of September as back down to business, whether it’s back to the gym or art class. For families, ‘back-to-school’ is a really busy time. And making sure your home is physically well organiz... Read More

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City Living: Can urbanites live off-the-grid?

The other day, someone asked me if I would be willing to live 'off the grid'. The romantic notion of moving to the backwoods and living off the land started to take shape in my imagination until I realized that it meant leaving my blow dryer and espresso maker behind. Definitely anyone that is hand... Read More