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Moving Made Easier : 7 Great Ideas

It may have been a while since you moved. If so, the task probably looks pretty daunting. Believe it or not, real estate agents chat about moving almost as much as we do homes or taxes. Whether it’s moving-in or moving out, there’s lots to do, and there’s simply no point in denying it, it... Read More

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Home Evaluations – Calculating Your Home’s Square Footage

A home’s square footage is one of the factors a real estate agent takes in to account when completing a home evaluation. And if all houses were single-story square shaped buildings, calculating the square footage of your home would be a simple matter. Your home’s square footage is relied on t... Read More

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How To Tell If A Neighbourhood Is Improving

Finding the right neighbourhood is an important part of the 'looking for a new home' journey. While some neighbourhoods are well established, others are on the upswing and undergoing gentrification. So how does one determine whether or not a neighbourhood is on the upswing? Who knows best? This is... Read More

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What’s The Advantage Of An Open House?

Recently I was asked whether an open house still had value even in a hot real estate market when there is such competition among buyers for a home and the internet allows buyers to do their own seraching. Our team of real estate professionals continue to represent our clients at open houses becau... Read More

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Our Best Curb Appeal Ideas: A Checklist

How attractive does your home look from the curb? The exterior of your home and your property is not only the first thing a buyer sees but the first thing your guest sees when they arrive to your home. If you're selling your home curb appeal counts. When people arrive they want to feel secure ... Read More

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Lisa Upshaw Talks Mortgages

If there is one thing that is critical to buying a house is securing a mortgage – and even more important a mortgage with a manageable interest rate. This post below is an article that I picked up from Lisa Upshaw's newsletter.  Lisa was responding to and commenting on the recent Bank of Cana... Read More

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FAQ: Buying or Selling Rental Properties

Real estate rental properties can be a great investment. Many homeowners have been able to pay off their mortgage a lot quicker by renting out a basement unit. Not every rental situation has to be adversarial. There are numerous cases when the homeowner and tenant become life-long friends or a st... Read More

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Rain Gardens: Eco-Friendly, Sustainable AND Gorgeous!

This article is excerpted from The Globe and Mail: Rain gardens transform flooded backyards into green landscapes. The Globe story about rain gardens begins with Karen Ho, who four years ago purchased a new home in Milton. What she didn’t realize until she moved in was that the surrounding homes ... Read More

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5 FAQ About Real Estate Transactions

In my daily chats with prospective buyers and sellers, I find myself answering questions that range from: Is an open house really necessary? to When will I receive my money?. In a seller’s market, which best describes today's market - when there are more buyers than houses - there are some fre... Read More

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Will Releasing Real Estate Sales Data Replace Realtors?

This month, the Federal competition tribunal ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) to release ‘more home sales data to the public via the internet’ This action follows on the heels of the tribunal’s order in April 2016 which found that TREB was stifling competition by restricting acces... Read More