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Home Seller Tips: How Do Capital Gains Taxes Work?

When it comes to selling a home, there are a lot of different issues that have to be considered. One of those issues is taxes. These can be higher than expected for some home sellers, especially if they don't understand how capital gains taxes work and how to legally avoid them. But fortunately, ... Read More

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The Advantages of the Winter Real Estate Market

Every real estate agents tell you that any season is the right season to buy or sell your home, and that’s true, even in a winter when real estate market can be quite lucrative. There are several great reasons not ignore a winter a market, whether you are a buyer or a seller and several great s... Read More

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Advice to Sellers on Multiple Offers

At Karen Paul & Associates, when one of our agents sells a home – they get to 'Ring The Bell' – a real ship's bell. That's our way of saying – Hurrah! We did it again. Made another client happy. Last week, Justin Loncaric was in the office late Sunday night, after having just signed an ... Read More

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Real Estate Rentals: Is It For You?

There is a lot to be said for real estate investment properties. Purchasing a rental property is not just a great way to supplement your income but it could launch a new business. And that’s the best way to handle your new role as a landlord - treat it like a business. All tenants basically wan... Read More

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Real Estate Marketing | Under the Influence

Under the Influence is one of those great CBC radio shows that I try to never miss. It’s an exploration into the world of marketing: the age of persuasion and influence. Host Terry O’Reilly, brings such colour to the broadcast with his extensive knowledge of marketing and humourous inside storie... Read More

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Keller Williams Edge Realty 2016 Awards Luncheon

Team photo array from the 2016 Keller Williams Edge Realty Fifth Annual Awards Luncheon (March 2017). Honoured guests included Ontario Real Estate Association CEO Tim Hudak and OREA President Ettore Cardarelli (first row, centre photo). Karen Paul & Associates won the Double Platinum 2106 Gro... Read More

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Over the years, I've developed a CLIENT FIRST guiding principle that emphasizes accessiblity, attention to detail, effective communication and meeting customer's needs. Sometimes, this can involve advising or even assisting with the financial end of a real estate transaction. This article The 10... Read More

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How To Tell If A Neighbourhood Is Improving

Finding the right neighbourhood is an important part of the 'looking for a new home' journey. While some neighbourhoods are well established, others are on the upswing and undergoing gentrification. So how does one determine whether or not a neighbourhood is on the upswing? Who knows best? This is... Read More

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Lisa Upshaw Talks Mortgages

If there is one thing that is critical to buying a house is securing a mortgage – and even more important a mortgage with a manageable interest rate. This post below is an article that I picked up from Lisa Upshaw's newsletter.  Lisa was responding to and commenting on the recent Bank of Cana... Read More

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Will Releasing Real Estate Sales Data Replace Realtors?

This month, the Federal competition tribunal ordered the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) to release ‘more home sales data to the public via the internet’ This action follows on the heels of the tribunal’s order in April 2016 which found that TREB was stifling competition by restricting acces... Read More